About the Event

Flagler College’s Designathon is a 24-hour event that involves students, faculty, and alumni working together to design material that benefits non-profit organizations in the St. Augustine area. The purpose of this event is to provide pro-bono creative services to community partners and give students an opportunity to use their skills and talents to positively impact the local community.


Who can participate?
Graphic design and communication students, faculty/staff, and alumni are invited to participate in this event. You can sign up for a 4-hour shift, multiple shifts, or pull an all-nighter!

When and where is the Designathon?
The Designathon started at 5pm on Friday, November 16, 2018. It was held in the Molly Wiley Art Building on campus, in S-7.

Why is this event important?
Having a strong brand and effective communication is critical to the success of non-profits, however many of these organizations do not have the funding to pay for creative services. Providing pro-bono design helps these organizations carry out their mission and reach a wider audience. It also gives students relevant experience working with clients in a fast-paced environment and a greater understanding of their local community.

If you have any questions about the Designathon, please contact Natalie Stephenson or Jasmin Quinones.